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SpyApps – Top Rated Spy App – Mobile Spy Monitoring Software

In association with TheTruthSpy app, we aim to provide high-quality spying services to our users. After a lot of research and studies, this software is created to overcome all the challenges which are faced by people in their lives. It is a clear fact that change is the only constant thing. Therefore, people and their priorities keep on changing with time. As you grow up, there are various ups and downs in life which you have to face. You may not always find enough time to take care of your children or partner; therefore, you definitely need a spying partner, who can not only monitor them but can also keep you connected with them indirectly.

Our software comprises of Best Spy Apps for Android with its never ending amazing features. Once it is installed on a target mobile phone, then you don’t have to take stress about anything. SpyApps will help you to keep a detailed track of all the texts, audio and video conversation, online or offline. You just have to get yourself registered with us, and we will provide you full instruction on how you can install this software. Give us a chance, as we have been constant in our services till now, and we aim to provide the same superior quality monitoring services to our potential customers as well.

Use the full power of mobile tracking software

SpyApps's Not Only the Most Powerful Mobile Spy Software; It's Ridiculously Easy to Use, Too!

GPS Tracker

Track location of your kids in real-time while they are out with friends or know how your employees like to spend their lunch breaks. SpyApps offers fast tracking with near to 100 percent accurate results.

GPS Tracker

Monitor Phone Calls

Get access to incoming, outgoing and missed calls logs with date, time and call-duration stamps of every call.

Spy Call Logs


Read all sent and received text messages on the monitored cell phone with date, time and contact details.

Text Message Spy

Access Instant Messenger Chats

SpyApps knows the importance of tracking social media of your family or even employees, and that’s why, it has one of most extensive instant messaging monitoring. With SpyApps, you can read instant messages and even view photos on select IM apps. Include: Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and many more.

WhatsApp Spy, Facebook Spy, Viber Spy

Record Phone Calls

Record and download phone calls from the monitored device and listen to them anytime.

Phone Call Recording

Live Surroundings

Send commands and record phone surroundings by accessing the microphone on the target device.

Ambient Voice Recording

View Photos, Videos & Calendar Entries

Access and download all the photos/videos saved both on the internal and external SD of the monitored device.

View Photo/Video Captured

Remotely Control Target Phone/Tablet

SpyApps knows how to stay ahead in the smartphone monitoring game with its tons of remote device monitoring features. With SpyApps, you only get the best spy app that exists to date.

24/7 Instant Alerts

Don’t let anything important to miss out of your sight; SpyApps 24/7 instant alerts save you time by sifting the usual cell phone activity from the unusual.

Requirement of SpyApps in your everyday life

Top Rated Mobile Spy Software
Top Rated Mobile Spy Software

Parental control– your kids are one of the most valuable treasures that you possess. Their innocence is the main reason why they must be kept under special surveillance. Because of the increasing interactions of people on social media platform, kids and teenagers are the most frequent victims of social media bullies. They manipulate their actions and try to show similar interests and hobbies so that they can easily get the kids trapped.  Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to assure their security and safety. Therefore, you definitely need this software in your home. Before you let your child get a phone, install the software in it; now always keep an eye on them whenever they step out of the home. You can even protect them in a situation of emergency by providing instant assistance from threats.

Catch your spouse- the geographical boundaries have completely vanished as people can easily communicate with one another through social media applications. In fact, various dating sites claim to assist in choosing the best life partner as per your requirement. Therefore, if you also feel that your spouse does not give you enough time and love, then you should get SpyApps today. Amongst various competitors, we provide the Best Spy Apps for Android phones. Now if you ever find your partner busy on long phone calls you can check his recorded call history. Similarly, you can read all the text conversations and can track their periodic locations to catch the culprit. Control his/her activities and save your relationship today.

Monitoring of employees- heading an organization is really a difficult job to do. Every workplace has its own ethics, rules, and regulations, and it’s the responsibility of every worker to follow them. But there are lots of people who try to create nuisance in the office with their bad behavior. They not only disrupt the harmony and peace of the workplace but also reduce the overall productivity of your firm. So to eradicate all such issues, you must get subscribed with our network today. Now you don’t have to find extra time out of your schedule to monitor your employees. Get detailed information about their activities during the working hours and see the problems that persist. Target the lazy workers today and show them the door which leads to the path outside your office, as you just need hard workers who can take your business to greater heights.

Software for iPhone as well- after going through all these points, you might have discovered that SpyApps provide one of the Best Spy Apps for Android devices. But this is not the end of our services. We offer complete compatibility with all iOS devices as well. So if you want to target any of these, you can choose our software according to your device. There is no requirement to get your device rooted with the software. Buy it today and keep your loved ones under complete surveillance. Now they can’t hide a single thing from your eyes as we have got this fantastic spy partner who will assist you at every point of time.

Download the Best Spy Apps for Android today from SpyApps

Now as you have got the complete analysis of our software, you should give us a try and download the software today. Get yourself registered with your official identity. We don’t promote fraudulent activities, therefore; you must submit all official documents with complete details. Your data will stay safe with our agents, and we will keep on guiding you at every phase of downloading, installation and usage of the software. Get this fully fledged software for any android device today and enjoy it’s never ending beneficial monitoring services.

Powerfull Mobile Spy Software - Easy to intall

Interested? What are you waiting for! Monitor Your Loved Ones and Employees in 3 Simple Steps


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