How to Hack Facebook Messages
How to Hack Facebook Messages

Facebook is a social media site, which used globally by all age groups. There are several reasons to hack the other users of FaceBook. But, some of these reasons compel you to hack your kids or partners Facebook account. Though it is a violation of privacy, but there are genuine reasons that include being responsible parents who want to monitor their kids’ activity on Facebook. It helps you control if your kid is going on the wrong path, or if you think your partner is taking advantage of your or deceiving on your back, or any other reasons, you can use spy software to hack their Facebook and take control of the situation. It is easy to log-in to someone’s Facebook without any password and the individual doesn’t even know that their Facebook has been hacked by some unknown person.

Here is how someone can hack your Facebook account and get access to all your messages. This is just an informative article, but not to promote any hacking or spying on Facebook.

SpyApps: It is a spy software that can be used to monitor someone’s Facebook as it comes with built-in Facebook and keylogger monitoring feature and this application is obtainable for both cell phones and computer and someone can use it in a wrong way and get access to your Facebook account without your knowledge, or you can get into your kids account and monitor their Facebook activity without any trace of doubt.

Once this software is installed on the target computer or phone and the hacker can easily login to the Facebook account. The SpyApps software handles everything else, and it is the easiest way to hack into the Facebook account without any password. The app starts its functions remotely and sends all the information online to the hacker’s computer and there they can login into the SyApps panel from where the intruder can read the messages.

SpyApps is a popular and authorized app that offers several amazing features and very useful app if not used in a wrong way. Here is one of the authorized uses of SpyApps.

The hacker needs a 3mututal friends Facebook account that is in the targets friends list. The hacker need targeted email address or phone number and a new email-id that is not listed on Facebook.

  1. Gets Target Phone number or email address:

The Facebook hacker need an email address and phone number to log on to your account when it asks to provide your email-id and password. The hacker can easily enter into your with your email-id and phone number and for a password, he will click forgot password that you find on the bottom line of the log-in page.

  1. When the hacker clicks the forgot password button, it will ask for the email-id or phone number again. Then the hackers can easily get access once he can easily check the entire messages without your knowledge.
  1. The hacker will proceed to the page where it asks “how do you want to choose a procedure in which you can reset your password”. It will offer 2 choices, either to send the password through email-id or the link to reset the password. The email option is not optional for hacker so he can click the “no access to these” option.
  2. Once Hacker gets Email Address he can get control of your account. The new page will offer him an option to enter the email-id that will be utilized to reset the password, and then it will ask to enter email-id that is not associated with any other FB account.
  3. The page will ask security questions, like numbers and words that he has to type correctly if the hacker is close to you then, it may be possible that he might have known your security question which offers him easy access to your FB account.
  4. Sometimes your friends deceive you by helping the hacker. If the hacker was not able to get the security question, then he can choose your friends from the list and get help through them. The hacker can choose 3 friends, and he creates 3 separate accounts and sends you a friend request using these accounts. Through these 3 fake accounts, he can get access to the reset codes and the hacker can easily reset the password of your account and get access to your account.

SpyApps is the other method that hacker uses to get access to your Facebook account. It is a software program that is apprehensive and registers your strokes. Some of these keyloggers are very advanced as they can take a screenshot of the information on the desktop. This program permits a hacker to hack someone’s FB password, and also it has an application through which it will send all passwords to the hacker’s account.