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Handling a workplace is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. People might relate you as a boss and would find your job easy as they think that you just have to sit in your cabin all day long. But nobody takes interest to appreciate the hard work that you have gone through to build such as empire. Well, where there is no one to stand beside you, we are here to help you in making your workforce organizing and management task easier. Gets the best employee monitoring software designed by SpyApps. We accumulate high quality upgraded features through which you can generate easy surveillance solutions in your office. Now forget all the stressful situations that you have been experiencing through. Choose our services, start easy monitoring and increase the production in your firm.

Employee Monitoring Software
Employee Monitoring Software

What is employee monitoring software?

To help the seniors in tracking their employees, this software emerged.  In earlier times, people used to adopt methods like installation of cameras to record the activities of their workers. But as everyone inside the office was aware of the availability of cameras, they never showed their real face within the working hours. This method was quite helpful but carried various disadvantages than benefits. So to overcome all the limitations offered by camera monitoring systems, we have created this device monitoring software. Through the help of this, you can simplify all the problems that you.

If we talk in general context, the employee monitoring software will help you to track the complete movements and activities of the target person. Just install the software on their mobile phones or tablets, and you will start getting real time details of every activity which they perform over their device. It will help you in getting access to all the text, video and audio conversations in real time. Apart from this, it will also locate your employees wherever they go. You can listen to their surround sounds, can block people, applications and websites from their device and can spy them completely.

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Features of our Employee monitoring software

Track location through GPS a lot of workers in your organization may have no interest in their job. They might be doing it just for the sake of money. And when such things happen, people usually try to avoid their job and give unexplainable excuses. But now, with the help of SpyApps, you can easily locate them wherever they go. Once this software gets into their phone, it will collect the periodic movements with the location, the time duration for which they have stopped at a place, and the time of the day. Now you don’t have to worry if any of your workers try to escape from the office. You can manage them even when they are out of the workplace. You can easily find out if they are connected with your rivals. You will get to know that who are the people they meet with and what places do they visit more often.

Get access to texts– the internet provides easy texting solutions at most affordable prices. Therefore more and more people are indulged into text conversations. Be it inbox texts or social media conversations, this software will detect record, organize and upload all of them which can be viewed by you. Once your worker sends or receives a text on his or her device, you can immediately access it through your id password with the help of internet.  So you can easily detect what is being talked about over the phone. Their activities on any of the social media platforms will be easily suspected within minutes. You can easily catch those lazy workers who waste the valuable working hours in chatting with others. It is also helpful as you can analyze the devotion of the workers towards your organization. Any false practitioners will be caught immediately.

Check browsing history and data usage– apart from using social media applications and software, people often visit a lot of websites. These may include some product selling websites or promotional ones. It also includes platforms like youtube where you can watch interactive videos. But ones you get the employee monitoring software installed in your worker’s devices, you can instantly see their browsing history and can check or manage their data usage. You will find it very easy to discover that how much time the workers waste over their phones in surfing internet. This will give a clear cut idea about those factors which are hindering your organization from achieving the desired success.

Get access to the address book– address book accumulates all the contact numbers fed into it along with their name and other communication handles like email id. It helps the users to find out a person and contact them whenever they want. SpyApps facilitates its valuable customers with this feature through which you can check the whole contact list of the target device. You can even note down the details of call logs. Even if your worker stays on a phone call and deletes the log details, later on, you will still get access to the deleted contact details with the time duration they have conversed for. Now you can easily connect points to points and can find out why your workers don’t have enough interest in their work.

Record all audio conversations mobile devices are probably more useful in facilitating voice conversations to faraway places. Well, there have been various other platforms which allow connectivity, still, nothing could replace the importance and essence of voice calls, but, there are always some legit rules and regulations which must be followed by all. Similarly, employees should avoid using phone calls during their working hours, but most of them do the opposite. They waste this time in contacting people and do not focus on their work. But now, whenever your workers dial or receive a call, it will get recorded and uploaded on the server at the same time. So you can hear the whole conversation and can explore whether the call was really essential or was just done to waste time.

Access multimedia files– it includes the type of documents which usually contains images, graphics, videos, etc., which are transferred from one device to another. These files help the users to share their experiences virtually in more emotional form. People can relate to one another and can enjoy their company. So whenever any transmission of such files takes place over your worker’s device, you can easily detect them. This will help you to monitor your employees more keenly as you can access their gallery, and can go through their file manager which includes all the media files. The more you get to know about them, the more privacy you can maintain. These media files are always beneficial as you may check out whether the essential details of your firm are kept private or not.

Listen to ambient noises– surround sound helps to detect what is happening in your surroundings. So whenever you doubt your worker, just give a fake call to him. You can make this call by staying anonymous through your online linked account. Once the target phone detects this call, it will automatically receive it, and the user will not even get to know about it. You can now easily listen to what’s happening around the target phone user. This feature is very beneficial in some of the cases. If you send your worker for some field work, you can easily make this call to assure their presence at the exact place. The software will record everything being talked around the user. So you an easily detect the location of your worker and can analyze their potentials and efficiency.

Notifications and alerts– it might be a difficult task for you to get the device of your workers and install the software in them. Because they will get a clue that you have done something with their phone. To avoid this, you can choose another alternative and can provide them with mobile phones from the organization itself. But still, if any of them gets some hint they will try to change their SIM card or phone. Once the user inserts another SIM into his device, you will get a text message which will have the new contact number attached to it. You will even get to access the time when the SIM was replaced. So now, they can’t even try to escape from you because you can instantly catch them up and can continue the surveillance task even if the SIM or contact number is changed.

Stay undetectable- unlike other software which claims to provide complete spy facilities, we have the capability to prove what we say. Our software is 100% undetectable so you can easily perform your task without taking any stress. Your availability will not get detected by the user. Once you get yourself registered on our platform and get the software, you will get complete instructions on how to install it. And once the software gets installed, you will never find a reason to complain. On one side, your employees can never identify such software on their phone, and on the other, you will be secretly monitoring them at every point of time.  It will help you to hide your identity and get to play the role of a spy over your mischievous workers.

All time professional assistanceSpyApps will help you in getting complete assistance whenever you want. Our extensive network includes people who have a keen knowledge in every field, and they have designed this software after complete studies and researches. Once you start your journey with us, we will be standing beside you at every stage of difficulty. You will get complete instructions so that you can make your downloading and installation task easier. Still, if you have any doubts or confusions, you can drop an email or can get the desired help through our online chatting services. Now, none of your workers can ever try to hide from your eyes, as you will be noticing them every time through this employee monitoring software.

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Need to this employee monitoring software at every firm

Lessen down your workload- it is quite obvious that if you are a part of some established organization, you can never get enough time to complete your Job. Be it the owner of the office or the head of just a department, the responsibility of the superior is always the most difficult one in the whole association. Above that, if you get to figure out that your workers are not efficient enough, and then you have to suffer more. So to avoid all problems, you definitely need this software. Once you install it on the devices of your workers, your 90% work is done. Now you can focus on your own duties and can check out all the things later on when you are free through your linked Id and password.

Increase production- every business aims to achieve the desired position which can create history. In this world of cut throat competition, you have to prove yourself best at what you offer by hook or by crook. And any organization can only achieve something when they work as a team. So being a head, it is essential for you to maintain peace, harmony, and feeling of respect amongst all workers. And this is only possible with the help of employee monitoring software. You can pay individual attention to all the employees and can groom them so that you all can produce the best outcome for your business. Once everyone starts valuing each other, you will find that the overall revenue generation of your organization will automatically go up. Therefore, always keep a sharp view point and do such things which will work in favour of all.

Keep your essential data secure– if your organization is at its peak, then it is 100% sure that your rivals cannot digest this. They would try to steal your personal information through their agents. And these agents could be your own workers as well. Therefore it is always believed that you must check the whole background of a person before you hire him or her. But even if you want to maintain high-level security and privacy of your official details and information, then you must install SpyApps software on the devices of your workers. Through their day to day activities and conversations, you can find out everything which they share with others. You can now knock out those unwanted workers who are not maintaining the dignity of your firm. Their behaviour can help you to determine whether you need them in your firm or not.

Advantages of this amazing employee monitoring software

All Feature SpyApps
All Feature SpyApps

Acknowledgment of the hard workers– it is quite obvious that everyone who is working in your association at a particular post has some individual dreams and goals. Apart from earning a living for the family, every worker wishes to get some nonmonetary appreciation at regular intervals of time. With the help of SpyApps, you can monitor your workers and can even divide them into categories of worst, average and best workers. This can eventually help you in appreciating those who put their complete efforts with full sincerity in their job.  You can find the best workers and can acknowledge their hard work and skills. This will boost up their morale, and they will stay in your firm for a long period. Therefore, it is essential for every superior to keep a track on what is happening in his or her workplace.

Knocking out the lazy ones– every coin has two sides. When you find hardworking and talented employees in a firm, there are also some people who are quite lazy and arrogant. When you interview the people, it is not possible to completely scan a person and get to know what he is. But when such people start working in your organization, their behaviour might seem completely opposite to what they have shown in their interview. Such people never use their own potential, and they even degrade the environment of the whole office which de-motivates others as well. So to get rid of such people and create a positive environment in your office you can use this employee monitoring software.

Download and install the software now from SpyApps

So these were some of the most astonishing features and benefits of our software which can help you to solve all your problems. Now catch all those nuisance creators and knock them out of your office now. Once you plan to get subscribed with us, you can even enjoy 48 hours free trial program in which you can personally experience our features and services. If you like what we offer, you can then purchase the SpyApps software at the most affordable prices. We believe in keeping your account details safe and secure. This is the perfect deal which you should not leave at any cost. Download the software from SpyApps and make a smart move with your optimistic vision and enjoy the never ending beneficial services of this employee monitoring software.


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