How to put a tracker app on a cell phone


How to put a cell phone tracker app on a cell phone

How to put a tracker on a cell phone
How to put a tracker on a cell phone

Sometimes tracking is the only thing that remains to know someone’s reliability, therefore, people hire detectives before years. Currently, the technology introduced a set of program that replaced hiring the detectives but provides the right information in right time. The set of programs is basically a spyware which is developed for mobile phones. The use of mobile phone has increased and millions of people you can find how to use a mobile phone regularly. This delivers huge benefits but some of its demerits appear in the form of spouse chats, employee cheats, kid’s social activities, teen’s internet activities, find business strategies and much more. For all such reasons, people can use spy application and monitor someone easily.

What do you understand about the cell phone tracker?

When someone listens to the word tracker, the thing arises in mind that it is something physical/technical device that tracks something. In the case of mobile tracking, the tracker is available for users in the form of a computer program. The tracker basically a set of a program which can be installed in victim’s cell phone that helps in tracking their device. In mobile tracking project, the computer program is known as spyware.

Spyware is programmed in a manner that collects or traps the digital information from the cell phone. After catching the digital information or data, it minimizes the data size, backups file and transfers the data to a particular network. This particular network can be accessed through the website. You just need the username and password to access the transferred data.

The cell phone tracker or the spy app basically user internet data or another computer network to transfer the digital data. According to the speed of internet, the spy app sends device information, memory elements, GPS location and much more.

Process to put a tracker on someone’s cell phone

If someone wants to put a cell phone tracker on victim’s cell phone if he/she can access victim’s phone, then it is a slightly easy task. Wait for the moment when a victim leaves their phone for the period of 5-10 minutes. 5-10 minutes are enough to install or set the cell phone tracker. It includes some easy steps such as-

Step 1: Access victim’s cell phone and launch the play store (for Android users). Now, search the application or spy app name on the search bar. A long list of spy apps will appear in which you need to select the trusted one which has high ratings.

Step 2: Download the application and wait for its installation on the cell phone. It takes few minutes because it is about 3-5MB file.

Step 3: after installing the spyware on victim’s cell phone, you need to launch it and perform some formalities.

Step 4: Create an account with the spyware as it requires email address and password. Email address required for converting it into the username and password to get access the particular website. The password should be a combination of letters, characters, numeric digits and else.

Step 5: Now provide the administrative control of cell phone over the spy app. The app instructs just to enable or disable the instructions, and it will catch the administrative control over the cell phone.

Step 6: make the spyware’s icon invisible or press on hiding option. This will make the icon invisible but keeps the program in working condition on a background.

Step 7: in this step, a user needs to delete all the present history to be away from getting caught.

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These are some steps that can help any user to install cell phone tracker on someone’s cell phone. If the user has iPhone, then the installation process is similar because, in the case of iPhone, a user needs to access the iStore besides the play store. Sometimes, a user needs to perform other technical tasks because the mobile OS does not respond or allow spy app to work efficiently. In this case, a user has to perform rooting and jailbreaking for Android and iOS.

Rooting: rooting is the process for Android OS in which the OS transfers the administrative control to the spyware’ also it keeps spyware’s activities in the background. It makes a completely undetectable icon and provides smooth operation without any barriers.

Jailbreaking: If the victim has iPhone or iOS device which you want to hack then you need to perform the jailbreaking. It is the most similar method in which the user can download and install the application from unknown sources. The iOS basically restricts the downloading or installing operation through an unknown source. Therefore, it is difficult to install the spyware from websites. On the other hand, the jailbreaking is required to make the spyware completely undetectable for a victim.

Both the rooting and jailbreaking were necessary for the past, but now, you can find the spyware which does not require any additional tasks. You just need to personally access the cell phone, install spy app and hack its contents. After completing these operations if required, you will get more and more features, services, and benefits of it. Some of its great features are-

Call details

The spyware once installed in victim’s cell phone it provides some free features. Under the free features, the call detail is one of the most important features in which the hackers can access-

  • Received call details
  • Dialed call details
  • Missed call details
  • Call duration for individual calls
  • Call time whether the call has made at day or night

This feature takes a hacker to identify in which number the victim makes a call, attend calls, whether the number saved in Phonebook, or else. If you are looking to catch cheats on you, then you must analyze someone’s cell details. This will help you in monitoring or tracking someone’s cell phone activities.

Social media hacking

Social networking sites are sites that offer users to share media files and be always connected with others. Some of the social media platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook and else are most common among Smartphone or iPhone users. These websites also keep their mobile application to access these sites frequently. These applications are also used as instant messaging application. If someone is cheating on you, then he/she most probably uses the social media platform.

If you are willing to catch cheats on you, then you just access their social media accounts, catch chat information, sharing details and much more. The spy app traps each data folder from internal storage that transfers to the private server. Only you can access the private server and access the transferred data.

Real time cell phone location

It is explained above that the cell phone tracker usually collects device information, internal memory, and external memory data. In device information, it collects its geographical location also. The Smartphone and iPhones are usually equipped with GPS system that includes latitude and longitude information. So, it collects the latitude and longitude information then sends to the dashboard. The user can identify the particular data and know the location of a cell phone on a map.

Call recording

Another way to catch someone’s cheats on you is catching their conversation with others. In this case, you can access their call recordings and understand whether their conversation about you and else.

Turn your phone into the voice recorder

It is possible that the victim shares any information physically. Also, it may be possible that they communicate orally without using their virtual devices. In that case, you can turn on cell phone voice recorder and record victim’s communication. This can help you to understand someone’s cheats on you.

Know Password

About all the Smartphone and iPhone users, lock keeps a password on home screen, apps, gallery, file-folders and else. The spyware collects the entire password and provides on the dashboard. Now, you can track these folders, home screen, and apps without victim’s permission.

Text history/notes/events

The spy app provides text message information. If the internet connection is available then the spyware transfers each data in real time. This helps to catch text conversation easily without the permission of cell phone user. The text information includes inbox chats, sent item details, draft messages. The spyware not only traps the text information but it collects notes and calendar events too. So, the cell phone tracker is best suitable hacking tool in order to access cell phone data.

Real time alert and notification

If the victim changes any setting on a cell phone, travels to unknown geographical address, or perform any activity, then you will be notified by email. Instead of email notification, the tracker app notifies you via mobile text or dashboard notification. This indicates you that you should have a look on victim’s real time activities.

Remotely control over the cell phone

Once you installed the phone tracker on victim’s cell phone then it traps the administrative control on the cell phone. All the cell phone operations are under the spyware, and you can make a change remotely using the spyware control panel. The control panel enables you to make some important changes on the cell phone remotely.

Keeps an eye internet activities

When you are monitoring someone using their cell phone, then their tracking their internet browsing may provide some clues. Using the internet, they may access the email or particular website and communicate with someone. Some of the social networking sites offer their users to share media files too. Instead of it, while child monitoring, you must keep an eye on their internet activities. Teens are more prone to use adult sites. This delivers bad impacts on their mentality. Therefore, the spyware is the great tool to track someone’s internet activities. The spyware collects browsing history, bookmarks details, deleted browsers history and much more.

Data or app usage

It is one of the great features you will analyze once you installed the spyware on victim’s cell phone. The spyware keep records of internet data usage that can identify that which application or mobile software utilized the amount of data. The data and app usage tracking help to understand the victim is more addicted to using the particular application or website.

Real time call listening

It is also one of the best tracking features that enable a hacker to know the real time call listening. You can track the victim through their call details, call recordings and much more.

Need of using the phone tracker

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All Feature SpyApps

Hundreds of reasons you can find that’s why people use phone tracker. Among hundreds of reasons, you can find some common reasons that are below in the content-

For child monitoring: The use of cell phone among kids and teens is increasing exponentially. On the other hand, the free internet the facilities and low mobile cost enable teens to use the cell phone frequently. Kids are more prone to play video games and teens are addicted to watching adult contents using a cell phone. This distracts them to do study well, maintain right behavior and much more. Therefore, child monitoring is necessary which can be completed through the cell phone tracking.

Catch spouse cheats: due to advancement in technology, cell phone offers their user to communicate with someone easily. Therefore, some people cheat their spouse and have unwanted relations with others. If anyone has doubts on their spouse, then they can catch cheats using the cell phone tracker or spy app.

Employee cheats: The spyware is helpful in catching the employee who is cheating and leaking the confidential information. You just need to install the spy app on victim’s cell phone then you can track their each activity on your dashboard.

Prank with friends: Some people use the spy tools to make jokes on their friends. The spyware offers some free features or services such as call details, text information, and Phonebook details. It is sufficient to make a joke on friends.

Monitor business operation: If business owners doubt their business partners then they can use spyware to track their business partner’s activities. The spyware plays an important role in tracking someone’s cell phone activities. Also, it is easy to install the spy app or cell phone tracker on business partner’s cell phone.

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Benefits of using cell phone tracker or the spyware

The spyware is one of the best hacking tools that deliver thousand of benefits at an effective price. The hacker just needs to install the spyware on someone’s cell phone then you can easily track the entire mobile activities. Some of the great benefits are as-

Multiple tracking

The cell phone tracker or the best spy app offers their users to track more than one device through a single account. The device information you can select through the dashboard. Once you change the device in a dashboard, the dashboard automatically changes its content. The best spy app currently allows users to track three devices at an account.

Find lost phone

Once you installed the cell phone tracker, it catches the GPS properties or details which help to identify the cell phones location on a map. If you are monitoring your kid, and he/she lost their cell phone, then you can track the cell phone using the cell phone tracker. The cell phone’s real time location is available on a map.

SIM card change notification

If the victim has made any change like administrative control, SIM card change, change in a memory element, and else. SIM card includes the personal number which, is trapped by the spyware and sends to the dashboard. Now, hacker knows the new number, and he/she can access the SIM card information and else.

Get deleted information on dashboard

Most of the people who use social media sites delete the confidential information or unwanted the information. They do actually delete the data from the application but not from the individual folders. The spyware traps the data from individual files, i.e., from the ‘message store’ folder then sends to the dashboard. The data file is basically encrypted, but it can be decrypted with real codes. This can help users to get deleted a message on their dashboard and know the shared information.

Install the spyware remotely

Is the Installing of any mobile application possible? The answer is NO. But the software company or the spyware’s parental company uses some tricks or techniques in which the victim installs the spyware own self. So, you should select the right organization in order to experience remotely spy app installation.

24×7 tracking features

The spy app charges you once and provides the tracking facilities for permanently. You can easily track someone 24×7.

Hence, the spyware or the cell phone tracking software works better than any tracking devices. Tracking devices can be caught but catching the software is almost impossible. Once the spyware is installed on suspect’s cell phone, you can instantly get their data or information on the dashboard. Ensure that the spyware completely works in the presence of internet. Besides the, internet network, you can access their location only. Some of the cell phone Tracker’s features are free, but some need small payment. Therefore, you can choose one of the features which can provide more information about the victim. Else, you can choose the entire premium features form complete hacking.


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