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SpyApps- The best SMS Spy Software with amazing features

Text messages have over taken phone calls these days. With the increased number of messaging applications and internet usage more and more people are preferring applications like WhatsApp, Kik messenger, Viber, etc. the most popular messaging application all around the world is WhatsApp. After its release, it became famous in just no time. Its ease to use, compact size and best features has made it a choice of all. Be it a kid or an adult.

Almost everyone having smart phones in this world is making the use of text messages these days. In this situation if you want to spy on someone then getting access to his SMSs will solve half of your problems.  SpyApps provide you with the top quality SMS spy features at the most reasonable price.

What is SpyApps?

SpyApps- The best SMS Spy Software with amazing features
SpyApps- The best SMS Spy Software with amazing features

This is a spying application that comes with various features and advantages for its customers. SpyApps is said to be the global leader in the world of monitoring applications and has millions of followers and customers. It has the strongest and most satisfied customer base with the help of which it has become a global leader.  SpyApps is an associate with the most famous TheTruthSpy. If you are looking for the best SMS spy feature, then you must not waste even a minute to choose the SpyApps.

It is a specialty of this application that it provides everything in top quality. After becoming a member of this spying software, it is guaranteed that you will not have to face any kind of difficulty. Therefore we have designed this application to overcome the difficulties of partners, parents, and employers. The reason we are claiming ourselves to be the most popular spying application is because we are totally confident on the features and services we provide.

Get the best SMS Spy feature with the, SpyApps

As it was mentioned earlier that messages have become the latest and most loved way of communication, it is, therefore, the best way to spy too. By using the SpyApps, you can have access to all the text messages that the suspect makes. You can not only read the messages but also save them on the online portal of this application. The best thing about having SMS spy with the SpyApps is that it lets you read even the deleted messages. As soon as the conversation takes place in the suspect’s phone, the data gets encrypted and saved on the online portal.

You can read the messages from there even if the messages are deleted by the target. Moreover, if you wish to have the details of the sender, the SpyApps will do it for you. You will be provided with the name and number with whom the suspect has been talking to.  You can also know the date and time on which the SMS were sent.

This is not it. Apart from the SMS Spy feature, you will get a lot more amazing features that will give you the best spying experience.

Powerfull SMS Spy Features- Easy to intall

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Additional features of the SpyApps

  • Track multimedia files– images, audio clips, and video conversations, etc. can be accessed by you easily. If there is an update, in any of the multimedia content, you will get a notification regarding it immediately. Not only the images and videos, but you can also access various other documents such as downloads, notes, etc. we assure you that the SpyApps will never let down your hopes. It will allow you to access all multimedia files and details when they were received, sent and saved.

By this feature, you can be sure that your kid doesn’t sends or receives explicit content and falls into the traps of cyber crimes. This feature is also helpful for the partners who want to know what their spouse is hiding from them. The best part of this feature is that you can also see the hidden content without any problem.

  • Get access to the call logs and contact list– the call logs and contact list saved in the mobile of the suspect can be seen by you as well. You can know the time and date on which the suspect made calls and received them. If you want the contact details of any person, then you can track the contact list saved on the mobile of the suspect. You will be having full control over the contact details of the suspect. You can see even the deleted call logs. With every call, you are made aware via a notification.
  • Live call recording– you can record all the calls that the suspect makes in real time. This recording is saved on your account on the online portal and can be used as evidence in the court or any other place. If you are busy and are not able to attend the calls, then the SpyApps provide you with an automatic call recording option. Therefore you can listen to the recorded calls anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Listen and view video and audio calls – with the help of SpyApps; you can easily access calls which were made through any social media site. Even if the user deleted call details, you can listen to the calls as they get instantly uploaded to our portal. You can access these calls through the online account linked with target phone and can find out what the suspect is up to. You can access all these information as if they are carrying out on your phone. The SpyApps has taken the spying to another level.
  • Location tracing– this is the best and the most important feature provided by us to our customers. The SpyApps not only has the SMS spy facility but a lot more than that. The GPS tracking system installed in this application lets you know the whereabouts of the targeted phone. This feature is useful to trace employees if they waste the valuable working hours and make use of the official vehicles to fulfill their personal work. You can also find out that how much time your partner or child spends at a particular place.

With every change or update in the location, you will receive an alert message or notification immediately. The location details are also saved in the history that you can see afterward also.

  • Check internet usage– You can find out the browsing history and know what the suspect has been watching over the internet. Like all the other features, here also you can get access to the deleted content very easily. The best part of using the SpyApps is that it allows you to monitor as well as control the internet activities. If you do not want your child to watch a particular site, you can block it. Also, you can set the internet usage limit as per your wish. By restricting the internet usage limit and blocking the sites, you can save your teen from getting into the various cyber problems.
  • Surround sound capturing– this feature of our application will allow you to dial a fake and hidden call on the target phone user. By a hidden call, we mean that you can anonymously make the call without being recognized. The call will be received automatically, and you will get to hear everything which is being talked around. The upgraded technology in our application enables the detection and recording of even the minute noises in the surroundings. These recordings get recorded and saved on the server.

So even if you are busy, just make a call and let the phone record. This feature of ambient listening is not available with any of our competitors. By listening to the noises, you can make out whom the person is talking to in the room

  • Ensure security with the remote controlling feature– it is necessary for you to get an app with all the additional features as your spying will not be completed with only SMS spy feature. The remote control feature is extremely unique and special. It is this feature that has made the SpyApps so famous. It can ensure you the security of your phone. So now whenever you travel long distances, you don’t have to care about the safety of your phone. All the data will stay hidden and protected due to which no one else can access it without your permission.
  • Undetectable application– this feature is the best one and makes the SpyApps the most reliable monitoring software of all times. The biggest benefit of using this feature is that your identity will never get revealed. There are chances that if the targeted person comes to know about your spying in him, he may get hurt and spoil your relation with him. We understand the importance of relation and therefore would never like to put your relation on stake. The SpyApps is 100% undetectable and reliable. This application works in the back ground, and therefore the user will never come to know about it.
  • Professional services and guidance – although the SpyApps is very easy to access and install, there are chances that you find it difficult to use it. If you have any doubt, query or complaint, then we have a panel of expert’s working day and night at your service. You can register your query on our website, and your answer will be given as soon as possible. It is assured that you do not have to wait longer than a day to get your query resolved.

Use the full power of SMS Spy software

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The features provided by our application are endless. You will get to realize it only when you use it. Therefore it is recommended that you must forget everything and download this amazing software through

What is the need to have the SMS spy?


Messaging application is the one that is used by everyone today. All the confidential information is shared with the help of text messages. Therefore if you want to spy on someone then spying their text messages can help you a lot. The SpyApps provide you with the best quality feature that lets you read all the SMS conversations of the suspect without any difficulty or bug. There are various cases when a person may need this application. Here is some of the most popular case in which the SMS spy application is needed:

  • To spy on your child– children have the most sensitive minds. They can be shaped in whatever environment they live. Therefore it is important to give your child the best of all. In this busy world you cannot track your kid and ensure his safety physically. Therefore the need of the SpyApps emerged. It lets the parent to monitor internet activities, track the location and read their SMS. Many parents have said this application to be life saving as they have let the parents monitor their kid’s activity and ensure their safety.
  • To spy on your employee– gone are the days when employers use to have the traditional employee monitoring software. The SpyApps have overtaken all the old ways and enabled the employers to have the best and most convenient employee monitoring. There are various business men and customers of the SpyApps who have confessed that with the help of this application, they are able to identify lazy employees and increase the productivity if the business.
  • To spy on your spouse if you are suspecting your partner to be a cheat and want to be clear about your doubt. Then you can make use of the spying application. It is very important to have a spying application because it will clear your doubts and secure your future. Many couples have confessed that after using spy app they were able to catch their cheating partner and made their future bluff proof.

This application lets you get in touch with your partner or child anonymously. But it is your moral duty that you do this spying only for the ethical purpose and not to hurt someone’s feelings. Intruding in someone’s personal life is a crime, and therefore you must think a lot before doing it. But when you have made up your mind to use a spy app, downloading the SpyApps will be the most intelligent decision ever as it provides you with various benefits.

Benefits of using the SpyApps

An app that provides you with so many features and is used by so many people comes with a hundred of benefits, and so does the SpyApps. Discussing all the benefits over here will not be feasible therefore there are some of the top most benefits that the SpyApps provide you:

  • 100% undetectable– this application is untraceable and works in the background for a long-long time.
  • Notification of network change – change in the network or number of the mobile will be conveyed to you by a notification. This application works even when the phone is switched off.
  • Totally reliable– its wide customer base all over the world is the proof of its reliability. You can blindly trust on our application.
  • Money back guarantee– after installing the paid version if you feel that there is some issue; you can claim your money back. You will get back your amount within seven days.
  • Easy to install– This application is very easy to install as well as use. You do not have to perform various complex steps and waste your time.
  • Support options– in case you face any difficulty in relation to the use of the application, you can contact the 24×7 open customer service center.
  • Notification and alert– Any type of irregular activity will be brought to your notice with the help of notification and alerts.


After discussing about all the features and advantages of the SpyApps, the only thing that can be said in its conclusion is that if you have not used this app, then you have missed a lot.  For having a good spying experience, it is important that the application you choose must be the best.  A bad or unreliable application can make your task even tough and clumsy. Therefore, choosing a good application is very important. SpyApps has become the global leader due to its reliability and quality services. You can opt for this application without a second thought.

To avail the benefits of this application you have to visit its website and download the most suitable version. It doesn’t matter whether you are an android user or an iPhone user, the SpyApps works on every platform.  Download it into the suitable device and follow all its installation and set up procedure. Once you are done with all the necessary steps, you are all set to monitor. For people who are looking for the best SMS spy software, the SpyApps is best as you get all the additional features too.  Keeping doubts in mind is a very destructive thing. Therefore you must do everything it takes to kick out the doubts and live a peaceful life. Install this app now and ensure the security of your loved ones in the most convenient way.


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