How to spy girlfriends text messages free
How to spy girlfriends text messages free

Know how to spy girlfriends text messages

In this fast-paced technological world where no geographical boundaries can stop a person from communicating to another person far away, the dating websites and various other hookup sites are not taking a moment to break the relationships. Therefore, if you feel that your girlfriend is not providing you with enough time and love, then your mind will obviously get filled with the questions like – is she into some other guy? And to get the answers to all such questions, you should get spy apps today. Whether your girlfriend uses and iOS software or an android one, you can read all the text messages on her cell phone as well as check the busy phone calls at just the click of a button.

To access all the information on your girlfriend’s cell phone, first, you will have to download the spying application on her cell phone. Then, you will have to manipulate some settings in her cell phone.  To avoid the confusion, all the steps the given below:

  1. Configuration – before downloading spy apps on her cell phone, make sure that the device has an internet connection via 3G or Wifi. The device should be set in such a way that the installation of all the third-party applications is allowed. (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources).
  2. Turn off the security threats – secondly, you will have to turn off the “scan devices for security threats” option. Without the same, your girlfriend will know that her phone activities are accessed by someone.
  3. Download spy apps to targeted apps – this is the main step of the whole procedure. Here, you have to download the application on your girlfriend’s cell phone. After he download is complete, check your notification window and install the same from there.
  4. Register your account – if you are new to the spy apps then click on the register button, and if you already have a registered account at user control panel site, then you just have to log in to join the targeted device to your account. (Keep in mind to fill in the correct details).
  5. Install spy apps – when you install the spy apps, your device will ask for the permission. Please accept it (tap next), and the spy apps will be installed to the device automatically.

The work is done. Now, all you have to is sit back and relax. Keep an eye on her cell phone activities at just the click of a button. Do you know what the best thing is? She won’t ever come to know about the existence of any such application on her cell phone. This is because; the application will run in the background and won’t catch her attention in any way.

Download & Install SpyApps

Know the best of all the features of spy apps along with spy the text messages:

Know the best of all the features of spy apps along with spy the text messages
Know the best of all the features of spy apps along with spy the text messages
  • Keep a check on the internet activities.
  • View all the multimedia files like images and videos at just the click of a button.
  • Easily record all the calls and have access to the call logs of your girlfriend’s cell phone.
  • Ensure the safety of your girlfriend by tracking the location through the GPS tracking system.
  • You can also keep an eye on the notes and documents on her device.

No doubt spy apps are the best spying application which can help you to keep a check on your girlfriend’s phone activities.


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