How to spy WhatsApp messages
How to spy WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used direct messaging apps, which has become very popular globally in the recent years. The best and most useful features like media sharing and cross-platform support has made this messaging application to the top among most of the mobile users. Also, WhatsApp has become favorite apps for several cheaters they can exchange secret message easily and maintain illegal contacts fearlessly. Consequently, many people want to spy on WhatsApp to find the reality about their spouses or partners or even in their child’s relationships, it has become foreseeable to many individuals to know exactly where their relationship stands.

Techniques to Spy on WhatsApp

Here you can find some of the possible techniques or ways to spy on your partners or children’s WhatsApp messages:

Spy WhatsApp using a Spy App:

To spy on WhatsApp messages, use spy app, it is the simplest ways to spy other users WhatsApp messages. However, you can find few companies advertising poor quality WhatsApp spy applications on the market, and some of they are a legitimate one and also they are worth considering. Most people’s favorite apps are SpyApps to spy on WhatsApp, this tool is famous for its excellent features and quality.

How to spy WhatsApp messages
How to spy WhatsApp messages

Here you can find some of the excellent features of SpyApps, which is considered as the perfect tool to spy on messages of other WhatsApp. The features include:

  • It allows you to spy on other users WhatsApp chats and messages
  • It allows you to spy on WhatsApp group messages
  • It allows you to spy on online activities, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Gmail
  • It allows you to spy on real-time GPS locations
  • You can spy on WhatsApp contacts.
  • It allows you to spy on photos, videos, keystrokes
  • It allows you to spy on process works in a total secrecy mode and remains unnoticed.

Download SpyApps Now

How it Works?

Once you install the software, then you can easily monitor all the activities, including SMS, WhatsApp messages, GPS, call, camera etc. Once the process starts you can silently trace the messages of and simply upload them to your SpyApps account. Once the upload is done, you can log in to your account whenever you want to view the traced information from WhatsApp and other details of your WhatsApp activities.

To find more about the WhatsApp activities, then here you can find the best WhatsApp activities that can help you understand the tricks.

WhatsApp is truly a very interesting application that many people are actually getting addicted to it, and without WhatsApp they can’t survive even for a couple of hours. This application became an important part of our life that costs just a data pack. It allows you to send unlimited messages to your friends and family and allows you to share audio and video images with all the people you know. Also, with this app your friends can locate exactly where you are, this can help you reach you immediately when it is required. WhatsApp gives you complete freedom to share the stuff with your near and dear ones. And, around 90 percent of people all over the world are using this WhatsApp social media application and connecting instantly with their loved ones.

WhatsApp Spy Android:

But, it is also easy to spy on your WhatsApp without your knowledge; your colleagues or someone closer to you can easily spy on your WhatsApp message and can sneak any important details of the project or anything else through your WhatsApp account. Even if you want to track other WhatsApp user’s message, then with simple spy software you can keep track of their messages secretly, but you need the target phone to download the spy app, and for that you need commanding software.

The other Option:

The other way to spy on WhatsApp messages is to uninstall your WhatsApp application and get a MAC (Media Access Control) address of the target. In various OS (operating systems) the methods of searching are different from MAC address. Here you can find how to get MAC address of the target users.

WhatsApp allows you to use the same account on two mobile phones if they have the same MAC address. To use the process, you have to obtain the target phone to install its MAC address and uninstall the app on your device. This process allows you to find the target’s MAC address.

For Android Users: Android users can use the software to find the address, the first step is to open settings, then go to ‘About’ phone and then to Status, there they can go to WiFi MAC address

WiFi MAC address on Android
WiFi MAC address on Android

For iPhone users: For iPhone users, it is similar, the first step is to open settings, and then to General, then ‘About’ there you can open WiFi Address.

WiFi MAC address on iphone
WiFi MAC address on iphone

Once you have verified the target phone’s MAC address, you have to uninstall the MAC address on your phone. Once the process is done, install your WhatsApp on your mobile, organize and monitor it using the person on whom you want to spy, get the phone number and confirm the WhatsApp account using the received verification code obtained from the target phone.

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