How to track a cell phone without an app
How to track a cell phone without an app

User-friendly techniques of How to track a cell phone without an app

In this fast moving world where everything is just a click away from your fingertips, numerous steps are being taken by website and software developers to assist you in the task of spying.  Still, many of you may not wish to use software to track their behaviour.  Well, everything that you go through has a positive and adverse impact. Therefore, there are some ways which can help you to track their cell phone without using an app, but again if we talk about the flip side, there are a number of things which cannot be monitored unless you get suitable spy software installed in your or their device. Here we will be discussing some possible points which will change your view about using spy software.

User-friendly techniques of How to track a cell phone without an app
User-friendly techniques of How to track a cell phone without an app

Some possible ways that can help you in tracking without an app

Every smart phone is loaded with some in built algorithms through which you can monitor some of the activities. There are various facilities offered by Google which helps its users to retain their lost device through Google images or GPS services. But in a different context, if we talk about monitoring the texts or calls, it is nearly impossible to get their details.

Many applications, when downloaded over a particular device ask for access to pictures, call logs, personal details and much more. The users accidentally allow the access asked for and then their device comes under the control of such applications. But still, even if all the details are being recorded, they are just kept safely under the control of those particular application operators only. So if you wish to get all such details, you have to go through a very critical legal process where you have to define the exact reason why you need their call or text details. And still, you won’t get the complete things that you want.

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Here are some of the things which you can undertake without an app

  • Track through images– Google images are saved in the Google account along with the location and time. So if you lose your device or it gets robbed, and someone captures a picture on your device, it will instantly get uploaded and through Google you can check out the location where the image got captured.
  • Track through GPS– another similar task which you can perform if you lose your phone is tracking through GPS. This system controls the overall movements and makes them visible on the backdrop of Google maps. But again, if someone stole your device and switched it off, or turned off the GPS service and cellular data, then this technique will fail.
  • Track through device manager- every operating system whether android or iOS provides an option of device manager. If not already installed, you can get it from your app store. Device manager instantly cleans all the crucial data in case of emergency. You can link it with your Google account and all the content from your phone will get wiped off and stored on your Google account.

Apart from these three, there are numerous such services, but they carry some or the other limitation. You might have also figured out; they can just help you in encrypting your data or finding your phone. You can never find out what conversation is happening over calls or messages through all such features. Thus, to overcome all these limitations, many spying software are being developed.

Why you must use spying software to keep complete surveillance

There are numerous software which prevails in the market. You can choose any of these monitoring devices and can make your life simpler. The reasons why we recommend you to track their device through spying software are many. Here, you can not only keep an eye on their physical movements but can also capture their virtual behaviour. Such software combines high paced technology with exceptional features which serve all your needs.

In case you don’t want to get the software downloaded on your target’s device, you can still monitor them remotely. Numbers of software allow surveillance right away from miles. But here, you have to download the software on your own mobile. You can get both the device linked through a simple procedure and the complete conversations, media files, location and documents will get visible on your device instantly.

Even if you miss any of these things, you can still check out their backup made on the online control panel. So overall it’s a great deal! Neither you have to fall in the risk of getting caught, nor you have to face the problems if you lose your device. Monitoring of your kids, spouse, and employees along with encryption of your data will take place simultaneously.

How to track a cell phone without an app

  • Jail breaking- this process involves manipulating the behaviour of your target’s device so that it starts allowing applications from other sources to download. Through this, the mobile starts accepting installation from unknown sources other than the app store. Thus, through this way, you can either link your phone with theirs or can even manipulate and manage the behaviour of applications being installed on their phone.
  • Link through a call- after you download the software on your phone, you can give a random call to your target. Even if he/she receives the call or not, their phone will generate a secret code. This code will be transmitted to your phone. Through this code, both the phones get linked to each other, and all the details of their phone start getting visible over your device.
  • Link Through email- here, you can send an email to your target with an image or document which must be linked up with the spy software. As soon as the user tries to download that document, his spy software will also get into their device and will start extracting their details. But make sure that you perform this task efficiently as it is quite complicated

These are the usual ways which define the working methodology of spy software. But again, before you get software installed on your phone, always go through the proper details and understand that which of these ways is adopted by that software. Once you buy your software, you have to perform any one of these suitable measures to start your trip of surveillance. Once you complete the procedure, you can start viewing their messages, audio-video files, track their location and can do much more.

Features and characteristics of spy software

Features and characteristics of spy software
Features and characteristics of spy software

After going through the complete details provided above, you might have explored that using a spy app is far better than trying to track others without it. Getting such software is very beneficial as you just have to install it on your phone. So somewhere or the other, the whole benefit falls on your side as you don’t have to go through any risk of being caught. Here are some outstanding features which will make you fall in love with spy apps-

Internet behaviour– your target might spend a lot of time in surfing various websites and web pages. If you also want to get the complete details of what they are viewing, then download a spy app today. Manage and check their data usage along with their browsing history. Block all unwanted malicious websites and keep them away from explicit content.

Key logger– this feature instantly detects all the passwords which are typed or inserted in your target phone. ID and passwords of all platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, twitter, etc., are detected and sent to your device. Even the codes used in general locks get visible to you so that you can operate their accounts from anywhere quickly.

Read notes– if you are a busy bee, then you might have a habit of forgetting some of the things. In a hurry, we usually forget dates of important meetings, birthdays or passwords of our accounts. And thus, we save them all in our virtual notebook named as notes. Spy apps extract the whole details saved over the notes of your suspect’s phone and deliver them to your phone. You can read all the details collected into it and can find out the secret things.

Location tracking– same as Google’s GPS location tracking, spy software also make use of the GPS or Global Positioning System to check out the periodic location and movements of your target. Their position gets visible over the map along with the time duration for which they have stopped at a particular place. So you can instantly check them out whenever they are away from you.

Ambient listeningspy apps allow you to generate random fake calls from your device to the target phone. The call will be received automatically by the suspect’s phone without even letting them know. You can now listen to the whole conversation taking place in real time. Listen to the surround sounds and find out their location. Are they actually busy in their office meetings? Or are enjoying in some parties with their friends?

Record the calls– all the voice conversations are recorded by spy apps and are securely kept over the online control panel. You can listen to the whole conversation anytime with the time duration of which they have talked about. Get the complete details of the caller along with the location and catch the cheaters red handed if any.

Manage the calls– through spy apps; you can access their whole call history with the time duration. There are times when the suspect may even delete the history of a particular call, but here you don’t have to worry as the call will be immediately spied and the details of the calls made and received will be uploaded on the online server directly.

Contact list- get to know about all those people who are added in the address book of your spouse, kids or employees. Get their complete personal details such as name, contact number, address, and names of other social media handles. Find out who spend more time with your loved ones and block any of them if you wish to.

View textsWith cheap and affordable texting service, people are widely using messages to convey their feelings. Be it inbox texts (SMS) or chatting happened over social media platforms, spy apps detect and seize the texts as soon as they are shared between two devices. These texts are then sent to your phone. Even the deleted conversations can be viewed by you as the texts are captured immediately when they are transmitted.

Detail of applications– as soon as your target installs any application in his/her device, you will be notified instantly. You can even view the URL, from which the downloading took place, the name of the application, its content, date of installation, its version and much more. This will help you to find out if your spouse is engaged into dating application or your children are getting into the trap of explicit content carrying applications.

Control the phone remotely– stay away from all tensions as you will never get caught. Remotely control their phone by sending commands through SMS. Perform tasks like deleting or blocking users, blocking websites, installing or uninstalling a particular app and much more. Here you can perform some of the most vivid tasks without even touching their phone.

Notifications and alerts- your suspect may try to change his/her SIM card to use another number without telling you. So if something as such happens, the spy app will immediately generate a text which will accommodate details such as new contact number, the time and location where SIM replacement happened. So stay relaxed as your suspect can never escape from your trap.

Multimedia files- get a view of their gallery and extract all the images and videos which got captured, sent or received. Enjoy the privilege of viewing their documents such as ppts and pdfs, their audio clips, gifs, graphics and any other type of files which got transmitted along with the time and location of transmission.

Undetectable software– as you are not installing the software on your suspect’s device, you don’t have to suffer the stress of being caught. Your target can never identify that his/her activities are under your surveillance. So forget all your problems and get into the amazing world of tension free life with reliable spying.

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What is the need of a spy app?

Being multifunctional and beneficial, spy apps provide complete monitoring solutions. They not only monitor others but also help you to keep your essential data safe. Here are some major reasons which justify the need for spy apps in your life-

  • Catch cheating spouse– don’t stay under stress, confusion, and state of distrust. Clear all your doubts that you have over your partner. Check their contact list, call records and conversation to find out their priorities in life you have got all the right to get the love, affection, and trust which you deserve. Find the culprits who are trying to take them away from you. Get indulged into credible spying and resolve all your problems.
  • Monitor over your kids– keep your innocent children away from all social media bullies. Make them understand the privacy policies to be followed over the internet. Find out what types of people do they hang out with and help them to be on the right track. Find out if they are under any peer pressure and are performing wrong deeds. Your single step can save the whole life of your children. Safeguard their lives and help them learn the value of blood relationship over virtual ones.
  • Track your employees– check out the conversations and movements of your employees to ensure better output in future. Make sure that none of them are practically involved with your rivals. Keep only the best workforce that you have and try to encourage them through various measures. Create a better team where you all can repose faith on each other. Better team work will ultimately lead to quality production and more revenue generation.

Benefits of monitoring them with a spy app, instead of finding ways to track without an app

  • 24×7 supports- get support from the team of professionals who are always ready to serve you.
  • Data encryption– finds your phone in case you lose it. Encrypt its data so that your enemies cannot access it.
  • 48 hours free trial– enjoy free trial benefits up to 48 hours and experiences the working methodology of the spy software you chose.
  • Cash back– claim to get your money back if you did not enjoy the features of the software.
  • For both Android and iPhones– get the most compatible and suitable software as per your need, for both operating systems.

Grab the opportunity today

So at last, I just want to say that getting a spy software would be the best deal that you can get into. Get yourself registered today and choose a suitable software from various websites that are available online. Install the software on your device and remotely keep an eye on every activity of your children, employees, and spouse.


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