How to track my Child’s phone without them knowing

How to track my Child's phone without them knowing

SpyApps: Easy to track my Child’s phone without them knowing

Cell phone tracking is one of the great approaches if you are willing to know someone’s cell phone activities. Cell phone tracking offers users to know someone’s conversation over a phone call, social media activities, internet activities, and much more. A number of people are interested in tracking their employee, business partner, and spouse’s cell phone in order to know their reliability. Besides these reasons, teens and kids are more prone to use a cell phone that will take them to perform any unwanted digital activities. Some teens also suffer from cyber criminal activities due to unwanted cell phone activities. Hence, parents should monitor their kids in order to keep away them from any criminal activities.

Decades ago, people hired detective that help in a child, employee and spouse monitoring. Now, the technology made the tracking task easy enough that can be easily performed through own self. To track someone you can definitely track/hack their cell phone details. Presently, each person has a cell phone, and each communication can be performed through the mobile phone. Hence, if you are going to track your child, then you must analyze their cell phone activities.

To track my Child’s phone without them knowing, you can use software which is basically a hacking tool. You just need to install the software or mobile application on your kid’ cell phone and create an account with it. Now, you are able to monitor your kids easily. The monitoring application basically known as spy app and the process is called cell phone spying.

SpyApps: Easy track my Child's phone without them knowing
SpyApps: Easy track my Child’s phone without them knowing

How does the spy software work?

Spy software is basically a hacking tool that is developed in a manner that it collects data from internal and external storage of any device. Once it is installed in particular device, then it traps digital data stored in a different location the backups all. When the device is connected to the internet network, it sends the backup data to the particular server. Now, a user can access the particular server using the username and password.

To understand its working, you should understand its program. Each cell phone, i.e. Android and iPhone includes separate folder for each application. These folders are divided into some sub-folders which include separate files such as images, video files, media files, voice messages, documents and much more. The spy software collects each data as it is and backups all. Now, it is waiting for the internet or any computer network connection to transfer the digital data from victim’s cell phone to user’s dashboard. Now, a user can analyze each data and understand whether their kid performs any legal or illegal activities.

How to track my Child’s phone without them knowing

It is explained above that it includes a simple process to hack someone’s cell phone activities, it is a mobile application and you can find the spy app on your kid’s app store. You just need to search the app name on search bar then press on submit tap. You will easily install the spy app on your kid’s cell phone. Before going to install spy app on your kid’s cell phone, you need to know their cell phone OS type.

For Android users

Android is one of the most popular Smartphone operating systems that allow a user to turn their mobile phone into Smartphone. Millions of users you can find who use an android cell phone. It includes the app store namely Play Store which includes millions of mobile application. If you are looking spy app to install on an android cell phone then you must search the spy app name then press enter key, there will you get a long list in which thousands of apps appear. You need to select one of them and install it on kid’s cell phone. Sometime’s the particular spy software version is not compatible with the victim’s cell phone. So, you need to access the particular website and download the software on a cell phone. Now, you can easily install the App and perform the hacking task.

Sometime’s the Android OS is not supportive and does not provide parental control over the spy app. This can prevent the spying cell phone. In this case, a user needs to perform another technical task which is called ‘rooting the cell phone. Rooting is nothing but a technique used in an android cell phone while any problem occurred in spying process. It provides parental control over the spy app.

For iPhone users

If your kid operates iPhone then spying their cell phone is slightly difficult but not impossible. The iStore basically does not include any spy tool. In this case, a user needs to choose the best spy app, visit their particular website and download the package. This package includes spy application which you need to install on your child’s cell phone. Once the spy app is installed on child’s cell phone, you are able to track their each mobile activity.

Some of the free features of spy app you can analyze without performing any other technical tasks. But in some cases, you need to perform the jailbreak. Some of the premium features of spy app required jailbreaking in iOS to get parental control, access media files from storage, access social media sites and else.

Hence, both jailbreaking and rooting are the technical activities that required while spying someone’s cell phone. These technical tasks are rare in monitoring kid’s activities because they actually do not use any protective programs on their cell phone.

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Important task after installing the spy app on kid’s cell phone

Spying someone’s cell phone includes some necessary task as you need to create an account or register yourself with the app. This will provide you a username and password. Now, you need to provide the parental control over the spy app that each mobile activity will come under the spy tool. Now, you need to hide the application from cell phone display that can help to get away in getting caught.

Remote technique to install app on kid’s cell phone

Remote method of installing the spy app on kid’s cell phone this method is slightly complex and costly also. In this technique, parents do not need to install the spy app on their kid’s cell phone personally. Parents just need to hire a software company that helps to install the spy app on victim’s cell phone remotely. It is quite difficult to believe in this method that company remotely installs the spy app. The doubt is genuine because it is impossible to install any mobile application on the cell phone which is far from the user. So, the company uses various tricks and techniques so that user can download and install the spy app on their cell phone. The company sends a different type of messages, promotional emails, discount offers on email or text messages and else. Kids usually attract towards these offers and accept the package. This package includes some formalities like ad watching, app downloading, and else. Once they download the package that means they are installing the spy on their cell phone.

Hence, it is basically a remote method to install the spy app on victim’s cell phone. Now, parents need username and password to access the hacked data. You can ask the software company to provide the information and hide the spy app icon from kid’s cell phone. The remotely install spy app previously includes the program to generate username and password and hide the icon from the display. Now, you can monitor your kid, and use different features of spy app to track your kid’s cell phone activities.

Legal questions

Consider, when any parents are going to use the spy app for monitoring tier kids they have some question on their mind. Some of the legal questions are below in the content that can help to understand about the secured tracking method-

What is the private server?

The private server is basically a storage location where each hacked data is stored automatically. Thousands of people use the spy app, and their hacked data is stored in this particular platform which is only accessible by the username and password. So, it may be said that it is stored in the safest location. The person who has the username and password for relevant spy app can only access the hacked information.

What is the role of the internet?

If you are looking to hack someone’s cell phone activities, then the internet is another primary need after the spy software. You can easily install the spy app on victim’s cell phone through any technique, but the internet is the medium that transfers all the data from cell phone to the private server. Without the internet data, you cannot access someone’s confidential information using their cell phone. So, keep the thing in mind that child monitoring required an internet connection. So, you have to manage wifi/internet connection at home, internet data on kid’s mobile number, internet connection at their school/college and else. This is a primary part of any spying process.

How to choose right software and Software Company?

Choosing any software or any software company for spying cell phone is actually not difficult. But choosing the software or Software Company for remotely installing the spy tool on a cell phone is quite difficult. Parents should have, to choose the right organization which delivers guarantee features, right services at effective cost. There you can analyze such things as-

  • Reviews of product and organization
  • Positive and negative feedbacks of previous customers
  • Application compatibility on cell phone or OS
  • Legal or licensed organization
  • Cost effective services
  • Refund policies and much more

These are some factors that can help parents to monitor their kids and keep them away from any unwanted activities.

Steps to install the spy app personally on kid’s cell phone

Installing the spy app on victim’s cell phone includes some simple steps. First, you need your kid’s cell phone for about 5-10 minutes. Once you get the cell phone for required period, then you can perform-

  1. Open cell phone’s settings, go to security option and enable ‘unknown source’ option. This will help you to install the spy app from an unknown source or the web.
  2. Now open any internet browser available on a cell phone, and search the particular spy app name. Find out the package on the site.
  3. Now, download and install the spy software on kid’s cell phone
  4. Launch the application, register yourself
  5. Registration required an email address that will be your username, and you need to make a password.
  6. Now, accept the instructions shown in the app.
  7. Hide the app icon from the display
  8. Clear all current activities like browsers history, recent places and else then leave the phone as it is.

Now, you have completely installed the spy app on victim’s cell phone, and you can use the username and password to access the hacked data. You can analyze each mobile activity through the spy app. The spy app includes numerous features that provide complete hacking experience. Let’s talk about its features.

Features of spyware

More Features track my Child's phone without them knowing
More Features track my Child’s phone without them knowing

Among hundreds of its features, some are below in the content-

  • GPS location of a victim on a map
  • Social media such as Whatsapp, facebook, we chat, vine, Viber snap chat, and others information
  • Call recordings
  • Call logs
  • Ambient recording option
  • Key logger
  • Media file detector
  • Text message hacking
  • Access notes, calendar information and else

To ensure spy apps features, you must use the software to track your kid’s activities. The spy software can help parents to perform their daily work and monitor your kids simultaneously. You do not need to leave your work, hire any person to track your kid or their activities. You just have to install a program on their cell phone and each data, mobile activity, kid’s real time location you can access in seconds. Besides, kid’s monitoring people use the spy software for the different purpose. Though you can find thousands of separate reasons that’s why people use spyware, and some of them are-

To catch spouse cheats: the advanced technology brings lots of feature and benefits, but people feel some demerits of it also. Hence, its resolution is also the technology. Some of the male/female cheats their life partner and talk with another one. If anyone wants to catch their spouse cheats, then it is the best software for them.

To catch employee cheats: sometimes, employees leak some confidential information about business, company, products or anything else. Therefore, the spy software can better help users to identify employee cheats.

Business strategy: To compete in business or defeat another one in the industry sometimes requires knowing opposites business strategy. In this, the spyware can better support you.

Benefits of using spy software in order to monitor child

Using the spyware from tracking kids includes hundreds of benefits. Once you installed the spy application on victim’s cell phone, you will experience its benefits after a small period. Some of the major benefits are-

Without permissions: You can install the spy software personally or without having their cell phone and without their permission. So, you can secretly track kids.

Completely undetectable: the spyware is previously programmed that it can run on background and hide itself from the display. So, a victim does not understand that he/she is tracking by someone.

Find lost cell phone: The spy app provides real time location of a victim on a map. This feature can be used to find the lost cell phone. The spy app catches longitude and latitude geographical information from the GPS system then transfers it to the private server. You can copy-paste the information on a map or directly access the cell phone’s location on a map. So, this is the most beneficial feature of spyware.

Track another suspect: the ambient recording turns the cell phone into the voice recorder. If you find your kid is communication someone physically, then you can turn on cell phone’s recorder remotely and listen to the conversation. This option will help to understand kid’s social activities.

Catch social networking activities: social networking sites such as WhatsApp, facebook, we chat, snap chat and else are most common at present. These allow kids to be always connected with friends and others. This can also offer kids to communicate with known/unknown. Also, these apps allow kids to share media files. Sometimes these activities turn to the cyber crime and kids do not have actual knowledge of it. So, you can prevent your kid to perform any cyber criminal activities.

Monitor internet activities: most of the kids are addicted to using porn sites and similar others. This delivers bad impacts on kids. Therefore, you can monitor your kid and prevent them to use such sites.

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At last, parents need to use such technique that you can monitor your kid and prevent them from performing any unwanted activities. Technology is made for human but the more use impacts odd. Kids are basically more prone to use a cell phone, and this is beneficial for parents that they can monitor their kids through the cell phone. Parents can easily use the spyware or dashboard in order to monitor their kids.


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